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Free Things to do in London

As the nation’s capital, we know that any trip to London can be incredibly tough on the bank. However, it doesn’t need to be; as there are hundreds of free things to do in London. That is why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 things to do in London for free, yes without…

London’s Top Sites & Attractions for History Lovers

Every city has its own unique feel and vibe, which is determined by a number of things. The local historic sites are no doubt one of the largest contributing factors to the aura that surrounds a city. When in London, travellers recommend paying a visit to the Tower Bridge Exhibition, in the City area to…

5 Reasons why London should be the first place to visit after lockdown

We understand that the past year has been extremely difficult for all of us. It won’t be like this forever, we will be with our friends and family soon enough and new adventures and happier memories will be made once again. If you need something to look forward to then why not start planning a…

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